GitHub Octocat silhouette

always GitHub Pages compatible

GitHub Pages doesn't support custom Jekyll plug-ins, is this plug-in whitelisted? This is all written in Liquid so need for any whitelisting.

CSS file icon

bring your own CSS

Worried about how weird or ugly a plug-in's CSS may be? These projects only generate semantically sane HTML for you to style.

Pencil icon

make your own edits

No need to worry about learning Ruby to edit a plug-in or getting your edits approved. It’s all Liquid, just change whatever HTML you want generated.


Heading Anchors

Latest version for jekyll-anchor-headings

Have long pages and want to have link-able headings? Don’t bother with JavaScript, generate them statically with Liquid.

Table of Contents Generator

Latest version for jekyll-toc

Generate a Table of Contents for each of your pages from within a Jekyll layout. Don’t bother remembering about including {:toc} in each of your documents.